The WKZ sound samples recording

Link to sound sample (5.12MB)

Play sample here (5.12MB)

It’s a very subjective thing, trying to get recorded sound samples onto a website. So we have decided to put together a 5 minute recording of the Little Devil amp, playing different styles of music, using different guitars, so that you really can get a feel for how the amp sounds. Obviously, the better the speakers on your computer, the better the end result, but we think it sounds reasonable even on a laptop.
Now I’ll break down what’s going on, on the track. Which guitars, where, eq settings, gain etc.

Part1.The Classic Rock part. Rhythm guitars are double tracked and it’s the same guitar. My 1959 Les Paul Junior. The lead parts are a Gold Top Les Paul Standard. Medium gain settings with flat EQ gives a nice 70’s Classic Rock feel.

Part2. The Hendrix Vibe. All the guitar parts are played on one of Yngwie’s old strats that Yngwie himself donated to the studio. One rhythm part is played dead clean and the other has a Roger Meyer Univibe on it. The Lead part is done with a little more gain and has some delay and reverb.

Part 3. Here we have a real SRV sound on the rhythm guitars. Neck and middle are out of phase on our Vigier Excalibur. Owned by our player and Vigier demonstrator Mr Dudley Ross. The EQ on the amp is still flat, but we have increased the treble a little. Again, medium gain settings. The lead work was done on a LTD Edition Washburn Gretsch-a-like semi hollow with a Bigsby. The settings are the same as the rhythm guitars. Both pickups selected with a little delay. Very Setzer-esque.

Part 4. The 80’s rock sound. Very Van Halen. Rhythm parts were A Gibson Custom shop Explorer, owned by the studio and used by Gary Moore on the SCARS album. This was double tracked with Dudley’s Vigier Excalibur. The EQ is back to flat again, but the gain has been increased. We think this is a great high gain rhythm sound. The lead parts were done on the Vigier, with a little more gain than the rhythm parts. There is fantastic separation in the notes. It almost sounds clean. (Just like Eddie in the old days)

Part 5. Some ambience and some Jeff Beck-esque harmony work. All guitars here were the Vigier Excalibur. A fair amount of delay on the lead work, plus a little compression in front of the amp for the lead sound too.

Part 6. Some beautiful blues for you. Rhythm guitar parts are the Gold Top Les Paul again. Clean sound with both pick-ups selected. No FX. The lead sound is Dudley’s Les Paul Classic. The gain is high again, but you can still hear every individual note. No mushyness here.

Part 7. High gain and metal. Rhythm parts on the Explorer again. Gain is high and we have scooped the mid out a little. Lead work is all Yngwie’s old strat again, but with the EQ flat again.

The studio itself used a Neumann U87 microphone for the guitar sounds through a TL Audio all tube mixing console onto a RADAR 24 track digital recorder. All the EQ on the desk for guitar parts was left flat. That way you really here the amp’s natural sound.
 At the helm was our friend and WKZ amps user, Mr Chris Tsangarides.
On guitar (and the composer of the track) Mr Dudley Ross. Dudley is the most superb player I have come across in many years. He plays many styles with consummate ease. He is endorsed by Vigier guitars and is also a proud WKZ owner.
On Drums . Mr Jason MacClusky. Currently a MAPEX user and endorsee.
Bass guitar duties were taken care of by me.