Little DevilLITTLE DEVIL  £950 (Including VAT)

50 watt, handwired, all valve head.
2 x EL34 output valves
4 x ECC83s pre amp valves.

Mains and Output Transformers, custom designed in house, and manufactured especially for WKZ Amplification. These transformers are not available anywhere else. They are an essential part of out trademark tone.

Chassis is computer drawn and CNC machined, from 14 gauge mild steel, welded, then powder coated.

Front panel controls include, mains on/off and standby toggle switches. 2 x master volume controls alongside control for bass, middle, treble, boost and gain. All topped off with white chicken head knobs, so you can see at the merest of glances, your settings.
Also on the front panel in the guitar input socket, and a feature many people ask for, but don’t get. The footswitch socket.

Back panel includes, mains input, effects send and return sockets, speaker sockets x 2, HT and mains fuses and last but not least, a rotary impedance selector allowing 4,8 or 16 ohm selections.

All this is then housed in the best quality 18mm birch plywood, covered in a traditional black basketweave vynide, with metal corners on every corner, 4 rubber feet and a sturdy black carrying handle that retracts flat to the top of the box.

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