NEW! Diablo 1 x 12 20 watt combo. £850 (Including VAT)

Our latest addition to the WKZ family is this fantastic 20 watt combo. Powered by 2 x 6V6 power valves, this amp features our legendary boost switch but also has switchable power output (down to 5 watts, class A) and reverb. Incredibly dynamic live and a pure joy in the studio.

Construction is very similar to the Little Devil. Robustly built and hand-wired. Custom, in house, designed and wound transformers.

Front panel has volume, reverb, bass, middle, treble, input and footswitch input.

On the rear we have send and return, power switch (to reduce the power to about 5 watts and run in class A) and speaker output sockets which allow a range of extension cabs to be used.


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